Preserving Aviation’s Priceless Heritage

IMG_4937‘Tommy’ has come home!

On July 6th, 2010, ‘Tommy’ was staged in front of Emerson Power Transmission, formerly Morse Chain which included the Thomas-Morse Aircraft Company.

Affectionately know as ‘Tommy,’ the above Thomas-Morse S4-B Scout left this factory in the Spring of 1918 to support the WWI effort as an Advanced Pursuit Trainer.  Although the front facade of the building remains as it was in ’18, the doors you see on the left have been added and the railroad tracks that lead out of the factory at this point have been removed.  It was these tracks on which the boxcars were loaded with airplanes and shipped to the US Army training bases throughout the U.S.

Ninety-two years later ‘Tommy’ has come home to be restored to flying condition and preserved as a symbol of Ithaca’s aviation heritage.  The Ithaca Aviation Heritage Foundation, Inc. (IAHF) is proud to be leading a community-wide effort to celebrate this heritage.

Donated to the (IAHF) by Dr. William N. Thibault of San Diego, CA, the Thomas-Morse S4-B Scout is an extremely rare artifact in remarkably good condition.  We are deeply indebted to Dr. Thibault for his generosity and sincerely thank him for such a wonderful gift.  We deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness, foresight and devotion to aviation history that his gift represents.  With his gift, the IAHF has taken an immense step forward toward achievement of our goals, goals that we know he shares with our organization.  Most certainly, his gift will infuse the IAHF with a heightened sense of purpose, energy and responsibility toward attainment of those goals.