‘Tommy Come Home’ is a project of the Ithaca Aviation Heritage Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the preservation of the rich aviation heritage of the Ithaca area.

Our Goal:

Tell and relive the story of early aviation here in the Finger Lakes Region, bringing to life the actual airplane that was known affectionately throughout the world as the ‘Tommy’.

Our Mission:

Preserve the heritage of aviation and the aviation industry in Central New York.

Prepare the future of aviation by exposing today’s youth to the science, excitement and thrill of flight.

Inspire people of all ages to discover the excitement of aviation through hands-on programs that will promote learning through doing.

Our Vision:

Acquire, Restore to flying condition and Preserve a Thomas-Morse Scout.

Fly ‘Tommy’ on his centennial birthday in 2018.

Create a permanent historical display.

Encourage the participation of three generations.

  • Give our youth the opportunity to touch, smell and hear the early history of aviation.
  • Teach the science of flight and how aviation evolved.
  • Provide a setting where parents and their children can work and learn together, enjoying the satisfaction of bringing history to life.
  • Invite our senior generation to pass on a set of skills that are fading away.